U.S. Census Workshop

On Tuesday, February 8th, the US Census Bureau staff will provide a hands-on training session on how to access the most recent Census data using the American Factfinder data search tools available on the Census Bureau’s website. Attendees will be provided an overview of Census geography, how the census data is released and then be led through the American Factfinder’s various search tools.

Come and learn how to access both decennial census data and data from the new American Community Survey. This survey allows detailed social, economic and housing information to be released annually rather than every 10 years.

Whether you want a general statistical overview of your community or a detailed look at areas within your community and how they compare statistically to other areas, other communities, other states or the entire nation, this is the workshop for you.

The workshop will run from 9:30 to 1:00 pm and will be held at the Homer Babbidge Library in Electronic Classroom 2. If interested, please register for the workshop.

The 2010 PNC Christmas Price Index

Wondering how much it would cost to buy each of the gifts in “The 12 Days of Christmas”?

According to PNC Bank, despite a sluggish economy and low inflation, the 2010 PNC Christmas Price Index surged 9.2 percent. The price tag for the PNC CPI is $23,439 in 2010 or $1,974 more than last year. This is the second highest jump ever and the largest percentage increase since 2003 when the index rose 16 percent. While the 11 Pipers Piping ($2,356) and 12 Drummers Drumming ($2,552) saw modest increases, both up 3.1 percent, the price of two Turtle Doves increased 78.6 percent to $100 and the Three French Hens surged 233 percent to $150!

The PNC Christmas Price Index is an index of the current costs of the goods and services listed in the classic holiday song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Calculated by PNC Wealth Management each year to reflect changing economic conditions and their impact on prices, the PNC CPI is developed in same manner as the Consumer Price Index issued by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

So even if pipers piping or calling birds didn’t make your gift list, you can still learn a lot by checking out how their prices have gone up and down over the years.

Watch the video to see all the items with a short description of the change in cost. Use this chart to see how prices have changed since the index was created in 1984.