Libraries acquire access to additional online newspaper archives

Headlines of The Boston Globe on Tuesday, October 29 1929 – the day after the ‘Black Monday’ stock market losses

The University of Connecticut Libraries recently expanded its access to online historical newspaper archives with the purchase of four additional titles through ProQuest Historical Newspapers. The addition of The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal brings the number of historic newspaper titles available in ProQuest Historical Newspapers to seven:

  • Boston Globe (1872-1979)
  • Chicago Tribune (1849-1987)
  • Hartford Courant (1764-1984)
  • Los Angeles Times (1881-1987)
  • New York Amsterdam News (1922-1993)
  • New York Times (1851-2 years ago)
  • Wall Street Journal (1889 – 1992)

ProQuest’s sophisticated search interface allows a variety of search approaches – such as searching for the appearance of a name or keyword throughout the entire text of the paper,  searching for the occurrence of words in specific fields of the article, or searching specific parts of the paper. Researchers can, for example, search for all articles appearing on the front page on a particular day,  search for keywords among thousands of scanned editorial cartoons, look for names in birth announcement sections of the paper, or search only real estate transactions or display ads.

Social and media historians, genealogists, linguists, and others have used ProQuest Historical Newspapers in many varied research projects.  One useful feature for teaching is the ability to integrate content from these titles into online course reserves , web sites or on HuskyCT: individual articles in the database are assigned unique, stable urls that allow students to be easily directed to unique primary documents, such as the front page of the Chicago Tribune the day after the Great Chicago Fire.

The content in ProQuest’s Historical Newspapers complements another online newspaper database licensed by the Libraries, Early AmericanNewspapers 1690-1922 . As with the titles available through the ProQuest product, the content in Early American Newspapers is also derived from the scanning and optical character recognition process of newspapers which had been previously converted to microfilm. The database provides full-text searching and page and article images of an astounding number of early American newspapers, including over 50 titles once published in Connecticut cities and towns.  Included  are more than 350 Spanish-language newspapers published in the United States from 1808-1980 – this subset can be searched separately in Hispanic American Newspapers 1808-1980

The Phenix or, Windham Herald, is one of more than 50 early Connecticut newspapers available through ‘Early American Newspapers’