New Books for Social Psychology- Intergroup Relations

How does disharmony occur between groups? This question is addressed in Intergroup Misunderstandings: Impact of Divergent and Social Realities. The books’ editors are Stéphanie Demoulin and Jacques-Philippe Leyens of Catholic University of Louvain, and John Dovidio of Yale University (formerly of UConn). These editors bring together a collection which looks at this problem from the dual perspectives of groups of unequal status, such as the majority/minority or the stigmatized/stigmatizers. The book makes the central argument that groups in opposition misunderstand one another because they operate within different social realities, interact with incompatible goals, and use competing strategies to pursue those goals. UConn Professor Felicia Pratto, who studies social dominance and intergroup relations, contributes to chapter 12’s “Talking about Power: Group Power and the Desired Content of Intergroup Interactions”.

When Groups Meet: The Dynamics of Intergroup Contact describes a meta-analysis of 515 research studies that examine the relationship between prejudice and intergroup interaction. The authors, Thomas Pettigrew of the University of California Santa Cruz, and Linda Tropp of University of Massachusetts Amherst, find that increased contact between groups general reduces prejudice, supporting intergroup contact theory.


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