Product Spotlight

Counseling and Therapy in Video

Among the library’s collections of databases, Counseling and Therapy in Video is unique. Instead of the typical collection of journal articles, this database contains over 1000 hours of video. These videos are of therapy sessions, lectures, and dramatizations and are meant to be a training tool for students of psychology, counseling, and social work. Videos in this collection can be browsed by theme (ex. substance abuse), type of therapy (ex. dialectical behavior therapy), video type (ex. counseling session), or therapist. The videos feature many well-known psychologists, including Albert Bandura, Martin Seligman, and Derald Wing Sue.

The collection features videos that are valuable learning tools for support staff on college campuses, including counselors, mentors, and resident advisors. For example, “Empathy Training for Ethnic and Cultural Awareness” is a 45-minute video featuring several brief skits exemplifying the types of real-life cultural misunderstandings that can take place on a college campus. In one vignette, a student for whom English is a second language is fearful of participating in group assignments. In another scenario, ethnic tensions emerge between groups of African American and Black Caribbean students.

Students planning to enter the healthcare fields will also find this collection useful. In the two-part video “Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Professionals”, actors in the roles of a journalist, clerk, and a state supreme court justice discuss several real cases to demonstrate the need for health professionals such as psychiatrists and nurses to clearly distinguish between confidentiality obligations and the legal duty to report certain crimes.

To access Counseling and Therapy in Video, search UConn Libraries’ alphabetical databases list: Off-campus users will be asked to log-in with their NetID and password.