Harnessing the Power of WorldCat Local (Books & Media Worldwide)

Welcome to the new 2014 Spring semester! Now that classes are back in session let’s discuss some of the ways the library resources can help you find and organize sources for your papers and class projects.

Clicking the tab, “Books & Media Worldwide”, you will access WorldCat Local, an online catalog that not only gives you access to library materials at UConn but also gives you access to library materials from all around the world. For those materials not available in our library, you can request them through Interlibrary Loan through this interface. In addition, there are two more services that you may find useful using WorldCat: creating a profile and creating lists.

WordCat LocalCreating a profile in WorldCat allows you several advantages: You can create lists of resources (books, films, articles) which you can then share with your classmates/colleagues when working on a project or keep private when working on your own research. Another feature of lists is the Citation View, which displays your sources using the five more common citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian and Harvard). Also, you can export your citations to RefWorks or EasyBib (citation management softwares), display the list in a webpage (HTML) which you can cut and paste into your paper or download a Word document with your list already formatted in your preferred citation style.

Another cool feature available with your profile is the ability to save successful searches (keywords specific to your research) which you can come back to periodically to see new books and/or other resources added to our collections, and much more. All useful tools available to you for free!!

For today, I will focus on how to create a new profile and how to create a list.

To create a WorldCat profile:

myaccounts1On the library website, click on the link, “My Accounts” on the upper right corner of the webpage.


On “My Accmyaccounts2ounts” page you will get a new page where you can create a new account or sign on to an existing one.






You will get a new page where you can worldcatsignoncreate a new account or sign in on an existing one. Creating an account is simple. Just pick a user name and password, type your email (we recommend your UConn email) and accept the terms of services and voila, you have created your new account/profile!


makealistCreating a list is very easy. First you need to search on the text box in WorldCat, e.g. “water scarcity”. On the result page you will see a list of results, which can be further filtered by format, year, author or language (on left side bar menu). createlistBut on the top of the result list, you have other options: Sorting By: which allows you to sort by library and relevance, Author (A-Z), etc. (right side corner) and Save to: [New List] (on top of your search results). Check the boxes for the books you want to place in your new list and then click Save. You will be asked to name the new list “Water Scarcity” and here you can decide if you want the list to be Public (viewable by anyone) or Private (viewable only by you), then click “Create New List”. Your list is created and you can come back anytime and add to this list every time you search this topic. There is no limit to how many lists you can created in WorldCat Local. You can also get access to all your list from the Save to drop down menu, so any time you search you can add new books to your lists or create a new one as needed.

To go back to your list(s), just visit your WorldCat profile. Here is my profile so you can see how it looks with lists, saved searches, etc…

wcprofileI hope this is useful for your projects and papers this semester! And remember, if you need help finding sources for paper/project, are stuck with your research or want to learn more about WorldCat Local, contact your subject librarians!! We are here to help you!