Need a refresher or just want to learn something new…

The UConn Libraries (Storrs) offer a variety of workshops every semester where you can develop your skills in various areas, such as bibliographic citation software (RefWorks), literature reviews, and using open-access publishing software (Omeka). All of these workshops are listed here: Additional workshops will be added in areas, such as data management, geo-spatial software, and data visualization.

Here’s a sampling of upcoming workshops scheduled for the month of October:

  • (10/08/13) Introduction to Literature Reviews (UConn Libraries & Writing Center) – Great for students who are new to writing literature reviews!
  • (10/16/13) Contextualizing Research in the Humanities: Practical Tips and Strategies (UConn Libraries & Writing Center) – For students in the humanities who want to improve their literature review writing skills.
  • (10/11/13) Intro to Creating/Curating Research with Omeka (UConn Libraries/Scholars’ Collaborative) – For participants, who want to present their research using an open-access platform, or engage their students in online publishing.
  • (10/2/13; 10/15/13) Introduction to RefWorks (UConn Libraries) – If you’re looking for an easy way to organize your citations for course papers, dissertation, or publication, this workshop is for you!
  • (10/9/13; 10/24/13) Pivot Funding Opportunity / Scholar Expertise Database (UConn Libraries’) – For students and faculty interested in finding grants, fellowships, and other awards related to their research, performance, or scholarly needs.

Workshops are added throughout the semester, so visit often or bookmark this link:

Also check out workshops offered by other centers or departments on campus:
Writing Center – develop your writing skills
Scholars’ Collaborative @ UConn Libraries – learn and use new programs and digital tools
Graduate School – professional development workshops and resources