Digital Public Library of America has launched!

If you haven’t heard, the Digital Public Library of America or DPLA is now live. The DPLA provides innovative searching through library or archival collections across America. Users can search content by format or topic, as well as on a timeline or map. In addition, the DPLA is a platform that will allow others to create new tools or apps based on the DPLA API and open data. It is also an advocate

Here’s a quote from Dan Cohen (DPLA’s Executive Director) which illustrates the importance and value of the DPLA:

“It’s not very often you get to build a new library. Together, that’s what we will begin to do today. Starting with over two million items, each with its own special story and significance, the Digital Public Library of America will now begin to assemble the riches of our country’s libraries, archives, and museums, and connect them with the public.” (

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