URL shortener

Do you know about s.uconn.edu ?  UConn students, faculty, and staff can go to the site, login via NetID, and take advantage of a more trustworthy URL shortener than bit.ly, etc.  We asked UITS for this service and it works like a charm.  Great for social media sharing needs.  Includes usage monitoring statistical tools.  Tailor your bulky addresses down to size!

Library vendor services mobile apps

Our eResources Management Librarian has put together a Mobile Research guide that lists the mobile tools available from the research databases we subscribe to.  We’ve made a place for it on the mobile site, under “Find Books and Articles.”  See:


Let us know if you have any favorites in this category, or if we’ve missed one that you use.

PC availability web app upgraded

Update 8/27/2012:  Library PCs have been virtualized and are available everywhere from every device.  (One consequence is that we are no longer able to pinpoint available workstations.)  Please visit vPC.uconn.edu

Original posting:

We recently recoded the web app that lets you check for open workstations in library computer labs.  It’s now using JQuery Mobile, for those interested.  It loads faster than before, so if you were frustrated by it in the past, try it now:


Calendar as info display tool

Here’s one of those little things:  Humans have been interacting with information for some time, but these days we forget sometimes how useful old models can be.  We used to display our operating hours in just a complicated series of charts with exceptions, but in response to a request from our public services staff, we’ve got our hours info up in a new-fashioned monthly calendar format, which is easier to process visually but a tad harder to compose programatically .  Let us know how we can make it better.

UConn Libraries’ Newest Search Tool Test: EBSCO Discovery Service beta

Here’s our first Try This:  UConn Libraries’ trial of the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) beta–a single search box that retrieves hits consolidated from indexes of books in our libraries, article databases, locally digitized collections, and more.

Click here to give it a whirl.

News flash: As of 11/11/2010, this search tool now features the records from our Institutional Repository, digitalcommons.uconn.edu !