Human Rights Film Collection at UConn

The Human Rights Film Collection has been updated and expanded for the new academic year to include almost 400 films.  An annotated pdf listing of films (55 pages, 429 KB) is now available on the human rights research guide’s film page.   Films are listed in alphabetical order by title and include summary information, call number, format, and location.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the films are VHS cassette tapes, but we are continually updating the collection to include more DVDs.  Most titles purchased since 2002 are in DVD format.  To browse the film collection in person, go to the media room on the 3rd floor of Babbidge Library. 

A small sampling of titles from the Human Rights Film Collection:

The 3 Rooms of Melancholia/ Millennium Film, a film by Pirjo Honkasalo.  2004.  DVD. 

Reveals the psychological devastation the Chechen conflict has inflicted on children.  DK 511 .C37 T4 2004 

All About Darfur.  written, produced and directed by Taghreed Elsanhouri.  2005.  DVD.

Includes interviews with ordinary Sudanese in outdoor tea shops, markets, refugee camps and living rooms to illuminate the deeply rooted prejudices at the heart of the current ethnic violence.  DT 154.6 .A45 2005.   

Hunger in America/ produced by Martin Carr; written by Peter Davis. DVD

A researched study of hunger and malnutrition in the United States, focusing on communities in Alabama, Arizona, Washington DC and Texas.  There is also analysis of US government food programs, including farm subsidies, food stamps, and surplus food.  HV 696 .F6 H85

The Torture Question.   Written, produced and directed by Michael Kirk; a Frontline coproduction with Kirk Documentary Group, Ltd. ; WGBH Educational Foundation.  DVD

Episode of the PBS series, Frontline, which explores decisions made in Washington, D.C. in the immediate aftermath of September 11th which led to policies which allowed for prisoner abuse in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay, and Iraq.

For more films, please see the complete film listing.