HOMER Issues and Where Else to Search

As many of you have noticed, UConn’s online library catalog, HOMER, has been having a number of issues lately.  We’re currently working to solve those problems.  One of the issues we’ve been having is that HOMER is not accurately reflecting the latest library holdings, and new additions to the library’s collections are not showing up in the catalog. 

Until we get HOMER back up and running 100%, there are a couple of other places that you can search for library holdings at UConn.

WorldCat is probably the best place to search, as it is a comprehensive listing of books, serials, films, and other items held in libraries around the world.  WorldCat’s listings are up to date, so if a recently acquired title doesn’t show up in HOMER, it will come up in WorldCat.  Once you’ve found an item in World Cat, if UConn doesn’t have it, you can request it via Inter Library Loan (ILL).

Another place to looks is ReQuest, a catalog of most public and publicly-funded academic libraries in Connecticut. 

Both WorldCat and ReQuest can be found on the library’s Research Database Locator, as well as on the list of Most Used Databases linked on the main library page

Hopefully, HOMER will be back up and running soon, but in the mean time, WorldCat and ReQuest are the best places to look.