Trecker Staffing Update

With the recent retirement of a key member of Trecker’s staff, this is a good time to provide up-to-date information about public services contacts, some of which recently changed.

Circulation, Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan & Reserves Services. Trecker’s Coordinator of Circulation Services, Claudia Lopes, has been joined by Administrative and Public Services Assistant Steve Bustamante, who joined the Treckeer Staff on a part-time basis in January. Steve will be working with Claudia to perform a number of duties related to curricular support. Please contact them if you would like materials placed on course reserve, assistance with Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan or for other activities related to our “front desk” operations.

Library Liaison program. Trecker’s librarians have service relationships with specific academic programs. Among the services offered are the teaching of library and research skills, participation in the First Year Experience program, building collections in support of campus academic offerings, and providing various levels of support for curricular needs. Please feel free to contact one of the following to discuss your particular situation:
*Jan Lambert – Social Work
*Marsha Lee – Humanities (New)
*Janice Mathews – Social Sciences
*Bill Uricchio – History, Sciences (New)

William Uricchio – Library Director