“Human Rights Archives and Documentation: Transforming Ideas Into Practice” — Notes and Materials

Notes and materials from the symposium, “Human Rights Archives and Documentation:  Transforming Ideas Into Practice,” hosted by the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at the University of Connecticut in March 2008, and co-sponsored by the Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research at Columbia University Libraries and the Center for Research Libraries Global Resources Network, are now available on the Dodd Center’s website.  Click here for minutes, notes, and outcomes. 

A recurring theme of the symposium was the need for increased communication and collaboration among archivists working with human rights materials.  To help meet this need, the University of Connecticut and symposium participants have initiated several projects:

  1. A listserv designed for archivists working with human rights collections
  2. An online Human Rights Archives Information Portal, which will include information about human rights archival collections, repositories currently collecting human rights materials, resources for organizations and governments working to preserve their own records, and a calendar of upcoming conferences events pertaining to human rights library and archival collections. 

The Human Rights Archives Listserv is open to anyone working with human rights collections, or interested in human rights and archives.  The listserv is hosted by the University of Connecticut.  The link to subscribe is here.