50 Human Rights Blogs Worth Checking Out

Laura Milligan of e-Justice has created a list of The Top 50 Human Rights Blogs, broken down into categories such as Civil Liberties, Capital Punishment, Children’s Rights, International Outreach, General, Religion, Whistleblowers, and Politics.

A few Human Rights Blogs included in the list:

ACLU Blog of Rights: The American Civil Liberties Union posts about legislation, issues and campaigns that protect, influence and threaten civil liberties and freedom.

Labor is not a Commodity: This international labor rights blog covers child labor, underpaid workers and more.

Human Rights Now: The Amnesty International USA blog reports on global and regional conflicts, torture, progressive legislation and a lot more.

AlterNet: AlterNet’s Rights and Liberties blog covers everything from current political events to everyday human rights violations in lesser known areas.

Stop Genocide: Stop Genocide is a well-organized resource that shares news stories, tips for teaching about genocide, commentary and predictions about the state of human rights.

PhD Studies in Human Rights: This blog is designed for PhD students but is a great resource for anyone wanting to find news and reference material related to human rights issues.