New! Customized Subject Toolbars!

Download a new toolbar for instant access to Library resources and services from any site on the Web

UConn Trecker Library now offers instant access to Library resources and services via subject toolbars available now for download. The toolbars are Internet Explorer/Firefox add-ons that allow you to search our library catalog straight from your browser while surfing the World Wide Web.

Public Policy

Social Work

Click on the toolbar you would like to download.

Downloading takes only a few seconds

Click here for a quick walk through of toolbar features


Library Toolbar Updates

Both Internet Explorer and Firefox should automatically detect updates. Additionally, from the main menu drop-down list, select Upgrade to get the latest toolbar version.


It’s free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required.

Removing/Uninstalling the Toolbar

Toolbar users can easily uninstall their toolbar at any time

For Firefox

From the Firefox menu, select Tools, then Add-Ons. Fine the entry for either UConn Library Soc Work or Public Policy toolbars. Select Uninstall, then Restart Firefox. You can also choose to simply disable the toolbar Add-On, and Enable it again whenever you choose.

For Internet Explorer

From the Start menu, select the Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs. Look for the file UConn_Library _Public_Policy (or Soc_Work) Toolbar and choose the Change/Remove button.

Marsha Lee — Humanities and Sciences Librarian