The Greater Hartford Campus holds a unique position within the UConn system:

Diversity banners adorn the Trecker Library

we are the University’s most diverse location with a population of over 40% drawn from ethnic and other minority groups.  In tribute to this cultural mosaic, which enlivens our campus community in many positive ways, Social Work Librarian Jan Lambert, assisted by Access Services Coordinator Claudia Lopes and Humanities and Sciences Librarian Marsha Lee, lead a project to install colorful banners bearing words encouraging multicultural fellowship.

The campus community was asked to submit proposed wording which supported our diversity theme.  Staff who had this project as a goal reviewed the words and made the final selection: Enrichment, Encouragement, Worth, Belonging, Respect, and Individuality. The banners, installed at the end of August,  hang on the main floor of the library.

For more information:  jan.lambert@uconn.edu

Bill Uricchio – Library Director