If you have visited the Trecker Library in the past few months you have encountered some new furnishings, equipment and reconfigured study spaces.   Now that library users have had a chance to interact with our upgrades,  we would very much like to hear  if you are using them and what you think of  them.  To facilitate the receipt of information,  we’ve created a short online survey:

The deadline for the survey is 5 pm on Friday, March 4th.

All information provided by you will be confidential except that at the end of the form there is a place to optionally  provide contact information if you are willing to participate in a one-time focus group for the gathering of more detailed information about how we can improve our spaces.  Attendees will receive a $10 gift certificate from the UConn Co-op.  Early survey responders will receive preference in our eventual selection process.

By way of background, we had a major furnishings upgrade in 2009 including the replacing of virtually all of the chairs and tables in the library’s public areas.  In 2010 our attention turned to equipment including the installation of first floor media room, the addition of three large collaborative study workstations, the upgrading of our network wiring and also the replacement of our existing, and the addition of new, public computers.  More improvements are in the works for 2011 (information about them will appear in a future blog entry).

Much of what we have been doing has been in response to user feedback which we receive via e-mail and in-person, as well as by way of the University Libraries’ survey instruments.  Until now, however, we have not held a focus group to learn in more detail what a subset of our users think about our current  public spaces and how we can make them better in the future.

We look forward to your responses.

— Bill Uricchio, Library Director