Searching for Human Rights Archival Materials in Homer

Here are some search tricks for finding human rights materials at the Dodd Research Center!

Go to the main HOMER page,

Click on the “Advanced Search” tab.

Then, click “Set More Limits” in the lower right corner. That will bring you to a new menu. In the Location box, scroll down and select “Dodd/Archives & Special Collections“, and then click “Set Limits.”

That will take you back to the advanced search page. From there, enter your search terms, such as “Latin America” and “human rights,” etc.

To search within the Human Rights Internet Collection, use “Human Rights Internet” as one of your search terms.

2 thoughts on “Searching for Human Rights Archival Materials in Homer

  1. Are you looking for information on human rights and development in a specific country or region, or just in general?

    If you don’t have access to academic subscription databases through a university, I would suggest doing a search in HuriSearch, which is a human rights specific search engine available online. The link is

    Hope this is helpful!

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