Use this space to make suggestions for, and to comment on suggested topics for the Unconference sessions. Post your topic suggestion using the “Leave a Reply” comment function below. You don’t have to have an account to suggest a topic, but you do have to give your name and email. All comments are moderated prior to posting to weed out spam.

On the day of the Unconference, we will collect all the previously suggested topics plus any new ones suggested at the start of the day, vote on them, and create a schedule for the day.

So, suggest away!

4 thoughts on “Topics

  1. Best practices for representing complex objects in Fedora, especially “book” type objects which may have many hundreds of component image files wchich require an explicitly defined sequential structure.

  2. Metadata Management. Discuss strategies for handling large amounts of metadata for Fedora ingestion (bulk metadata correction, error detection, long-term metadata management in Fedora,etc.)

  3. Some topic suggestions:

    — Incorporating archival finding aids in a digital repository
    — Digital asset management and/or Digital preservation workflow

  4. Fedora as a platform for creating, housing, and publishing college and university art museum collection relational databases that could be linked to similar library finding aids at the same consortial institutions

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