Meet Sarah, the library’s student blogger

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Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, a student blogger for the library. I am a senior studying communication and journalism. Like many of you, I have spent countless nights holed up in Homer Babbidge Library, subsisting solely on snacks and coffee from Bookworms Café. However, the library is way more than just a study spot, and I think many students don’t realize everything the library has to offer.

Library staff members work to put together many programs that can help you succeed in your academics and improve your experience on campus. There are resources that can help you in every step of the academic process. From research specialists dedicated to helping you find sources in your subject area, to the diverse exhibits adorning different areas of the building, a lot of thought goes into every aspect of good ol’ Homer.

This blog serves to let UConn students know about all the technology, programs, events and assistance available to them at the library. Check out my “Hints from Homer” posts on this site to see what you may have missed!

Enjoy the last couple of weeks before finals!


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