Did You Know? #15 GeoMentor Seeking Educators

Outside the Neatline (overseen by the University of Connecticut Libraries Map and Geographic Information Center) is seeking a GeoMentor relationship with formal(public/private schools) and informal educators(Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc…) in the state of Connecticut. What exactly does a GeoMentor do?

“A GeoMentor ‘adopts’ a school, class, or club and supports the educator/s in working with youth. Using tools of geography (such as maps and globes, atlases, charts, imagery, and field work), the GeoMentor helps the educator and youth develop skills in geographic thinking.” ~ GeoMentor.org

Since Outside the Neatline is integrated with MAGIC we can offer access to one of the nations premier map collections, online geospatial data, knowledgeable mapping professionals. We are eager to create learning opportunities that provide interdisciplinary research and learning experiences.

Please watch the video below featuring the release of the GeoMentor program and visit the website to learn more about the program at http://geomentor.org

If you have any interest or questions concerning the program please contact Jeff Dunn at:


Please use “Outside the Neatline” in the subject line for both addresses.

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