Did You Know #17 Bing Maps Beta

Microsoft’ Bing Maps latest release is now officially in beta for users to try. This new version of Bing Maps using the Microsoft Silverlight platform and requires a user to install silverlight before they can use the new interface. Many users might be familiar with the Microsoft Silverlight platform as it is being used to provide access to streaming video content and other interactive media and is similar to Adobe’s flash media player.

Bing Maps Beta includes:
– Streetside View (Similar to Street View in Google Maps)
– Multiple Perspective Aerial Images (just as in the previous version)
– Streetside includes simulated 3D which in dense urban areas provides a realistic view of the area in 3D.
– Navigation controls are easier to find and rotating the image is extremely fast
– Bing Map Apps provide integration for Twitter and other data feeds

Below is a screen shot of Bing Maps Beta taken on December 3, 2009. As you can see the interface is more streamlined, includes weather data, and great color imagery.

For more details visit the Tech Crunch Blog for more details and reviews of Bing Maps Beta.

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