Did You Know #19 Gowalla

If you have an iPhone and frequently use the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook then the Gowalla application is for you. This application enables users to share and locate restaurants, cafes, landmarks, parks, museums and other social environments. Users can add a location on a map using the iPhone’s GPS capability, add comments about the location and enables others to comment and share their experiences. If you use Twitter and have enabled geotagging you can share you location via Twitter from the App.

This is a truly social application and is Free for download from the iTunes store (at least free as of this posting on December 9, 2009) and is a great example of the crowdsourcing model for information creation.

This application is just one of many recently released iPhone Applications that utilize the location awareness capabilities of the iPhone (thanks to GPS) and social networking and blend them into one application.

This application was brought to our attention via our RSS feed from Tech Crunch.

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