Where are all the Birds?

As a follow up to the National Pollinator Week 2010 post, I found some very interesting bird atlas projects online that map the distribution of bird species.  What’s even better about these projects is that data collection is largely done by volunteers.  Why is that good news?  It means that if you are looking for a new hobby or to put your birding skills to the test your in luck.  Below are some links to some bird atlas projects.  The one I’m most familiar with is the Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas, but you should really check out them all if you’re interested!  Anybody ask what you could do with a degree in geography?  Check out this dream job of a friend of mine to see what she does on a daily basis.  Jealous? I am. 

Atlases hosted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Bird Atlas of Britain and Ireland 2007-2011

Happy weekend to all the aspiring ornithologists and geographers!

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