New Maps added to CT ECO!

Are you looking for maps of Connecticut geology, water resources (hydrography), or topography maps which can be viewed online for use in your research or in the classroom? Check out the Connecticut Ecological Conditions Online (CT ECO) website which has just added the following maps in high-quality PDF format to the CT ECO Map Catalog:

Town maps:
Contour Map
Q3 Flood Zone Map
State maps previously published by DEP, USGS and CT Geological and Natural History Survey:
Bedrock Geological Map of Connecticut
Bedrock Mines and Quarries of Connecticut
Ground-Water Availability in Connecticut
Ground-Water Yields for Selected Stratified Drift Areas in Connecticut
Natural Drainage Basins in Connecticut
Planimetric Map of Connecticut
Quanternary Geologic Map of Connecticut and Long Island Sound Basin (Glacial Geology)
Radar Image Map of Connecticut
Sand and Gravel Resources of Connecticut
Shaded Relief Map of Connecticut
Surficial Aquifer Potential Map of Connecticut
Surficial Materials of Connecticut
Topographic and Woodland Map of Connecticut
Topographic Map of Connecticut
CT ECO also provides online map viewers which feature aerial photography, roads, town boundaries and other features which can be added to ArcGIS (a popular GIS software) . To learn more about CT ECO visit:

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