MAGIC GeoCommons Enhancements!

We are delighted to announce that the University of Connecticut Libraries Map and Geographic Information Center – MAGIC GeoCommons space has been upgraded thanks to support from the University of Connecticut Libraries Planning Team. The MAGIC GeoCommons space is a publicly accessible space designed to enable students to collaborate on location based research. This upgraded space includes 2 collaborative tables where small groups can collaborate using their laptops (or using the desktop computer available at one of these tables) and display their work on a 46″ screen. To further promote collaboration, 5 smaller tables on wheels are available in the space and can be reconfigured to allow for small to large groups that need to collaborate with using print materials (e.g. atlases, books, and maps) and laptops.

Now that finals are approaching, be sure to stop by and visit the new MAGIC GeoCommons space if you are on campus!

Want to preview the space virtually? Included below are photos of the MAGIC GeoCommons space before and after the enhancements were added to the space:

GeoCommons featured 3 large tables, 15 chairs, and a large screen for collaborative use

GeoCommons now features 5 tables on wheels, 2 collaborative tables, 2 – 46″ screens with laptop connectivity, and 30 new chairs on wheels!

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