Experimental Poverty Measures Public Use Research File and Release of Supplemental Poverty Measure Research

The Census Bureau has released a microdata file that permits users to create tables updating the National Academy of Sciences’ experimental poverty estimates. This file will permit users to construct 2010 estimates. These estimates are different from the supplemental poverty measure, which is the topic for a Nov. 4 technical webinar. On Nov. 7, at a Brookings Institution seminar, the Census Bureau will release a supplemental poverty measure that complements, but does not replace, the official measure. This measure is the product of years of research and collaboration with other organizations, such as the National Academy of Sciences and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A Census Bureau subject-matter expert will discuss supplemental poverty measure results and methodology at the seminar. 

The microdata released on October 27, 2011 are available at: http://www.census.gov/hhes/povmeas/data/public-use.html.

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