Connecticut Geographic Alliance Meeting – March 22, 2012 from 4:30-6:30pm

The Connecticut Geographic Alliance (CGA) needs your help.  Are you interested in promoting Geography among Connecticut school children?  Do you look for Professional development opportunities to support your teaching of Geography?  Do you like to collaborate with colleagues about Geography? CGA is looking for individuals who are passionate about Geography, passionate about teaching, and passionate about helping children become Geographically literate in the 21st century.
For the past year CGA has gone through a thorough introspective strategic planning process.  A strategic planning team, with support from CGA’s Steering Committee, collaborated to complete this process.  The goal of this was to reflect on CGA’s work to promote Geographic literacy over the last 20+ years and to see how we could build off of our strengths to continue to promote Geographic literacy for the next 20 years.  During this time we reflected on and amended the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives.  Our website, has been updated to reflect the changes.
Additionally, we worked to restructure the alliance to align with the amended mission, vision, and objectives.  The Steering Committee structure has been altered to a clearly defined five committee structure supporting our new CGA Coordinator, UConn Geography Department Faculty member, Dr. Andrew Ballantine.  This arrangement  will be supported by an Advisory Board as well.   Please review the structure included below:
The Connecticut Geographic Alliance invites you to look at this as an opportunity to participate in the promotion of Geography in Connecticut.  CGA is looking for individuals in each of the areas outlined to serve as committee members and/or leaders.  This is an opportunity to take on a leadership role with something about which you are passionate.
CGA is hosting an informational meeting to see what role you can play in promoting Geography in the state of Connecticut.
This meeting will be held on Thursday, March 22 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the University of Connecticut’s Department of Geography (Room 420) in the CLAS Building on the Storrs campus (215 Glenbrook Road).
Food will be served.  Friends will be made.  And the promotion of Geographic Education in Connecticut will continue in full.

For additional information contact:

Tom Brodnitzki
CGA Co-Coordinator

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