State government tax collections

The Census Bureau reports that state government tax collections reached a record high of nearly $800 billion in fiscal year 2012.

The information comes from the 2012 Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections, a report containing statistics on the fiscal year tax collections of all 50 state governments. Tax categories include property taxes, license taxes, and income taxes but are broken down further to also include motor fuel taxes, severance taxes, and hunting license taxes as well.

Data is available in American FactFinder as a detailed table that indicates the amount and type of taxes each state government collected. For example, Connecticut collected $15,419,556 in taxes for FY2012, and of those the category that comprised the most was Income Taxes ($7,996,509) and Sales Tax ($6,677,074)

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Click image to interact with data

California ranked first on the Total Tax list, while Massachusetts ranked 10th, and Connecticut ranked 18th. New Hampshire was 49th, and South Dakota 50th.


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