About the Library

 The Jeremy Richard Library on the UConn Stamford Campus serves the community of students, faculty and staff.  All visitors to the Stamford Campus-Jeremy Richard Library are expected to follow guidelines for library etiquette as mentioned here: Visitors to the Jeremy Richard Library.

The library collection contains approximately 80,000 items- books, videos and journals with access to thousands of electronic books and journals.

UConn Libraries homepage: http://lib.uconn.edu

UConn Libraries Catalog: http://search.lib.uconn.edu/

UConn Stamford Library homepage: http://lib.uconn.edu/libraries/jeremy-richard-library/


When is the library open at UConn Stamford?

How do I get there? Directions|Map to the UConn Stamford campus:

The Jeremy Richard Library at UConn Stamford is located on the first floor between the campus  Barnes & Noble Café (203-251-8511) and the Barnes & Noble University Bookstore (203-251-8544)