You asked, we listened

In a continual effort to listen to and better serve all students, faculty, staff, and researchers, we constantly review and analyze our services to see what you want and what we can do better.  We are pleased to announce new changes and additions to our reproduction service offerings. 

Self Service Photography: Free

This service is free, quick, and easy.  This is a great service to utilize. Staff will review your equipment (camera and/or tripod) and the materials you want to copy. Once approved, you may photograph with the flash off, at the reading room tables. Sorry, no acrobatics! We also have a copy stand to assist researchers in photographing materials which is available for 3 hour bookings by appointment.  To book call: 860-486-4506 or

PDFs: Paperless and Affordable

Consider going paperless with our PDF services.  Black and white PDFs are now only $.25 per scan, the same price as photocopies!  Even more exciting is the addition of a new color PDF service for those who want a higher quality but still affordable option.  Color PDFs are available for $.35 per scan.  As we test out our newly expanded PDF services, we hope to have a 24 hour turnaround time for most PDF orders. 

High Resolution Scans: Choice

We’re still offering high resolution TIFF files at 300 ppi and 600 ppi, but we’re offering JPEG files as well now.  The pricing for 300 ppi remains at $7 and 600 ppi at $10 per scan. We’ll gladly fill your request and send you a choice of a compressed or an uncompressed file. 

For more information about all our services, check out our reproduction information page.

Stay tuned for more changes to in the future.

Marisa Gorman, Assistant Archivist

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