Cynthia Weill’s new book is a hit

Cynthia’s new work, Mi Familia Calaca/My Skeleton Family was published by Cinco Puntos Press of El Pasa, Texas, in English and Spanish.  “In Mexico, the skeleton is a beloved and humorous figure.  Its origins go back to pre-Columbian times.” (jacket).  Mi Familia Calaca coverThe papier-mâché skeletons used for the illustrations were created by Jesus Canseco Zarate, a young artist known as Chucho, from Oaxaca City, Mexico.  Chucho won a six-month scholarship to the art school Taller Rufino Tamayo, where he honed his skills in painting his figures and giving them more movement.  The story is told by Anita, who introduces each family member, from her “bratty” brother to her great-grandmother with her walker, not forgetting the pets.  Congratulations, Cynthia and Chucho!


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