An exciting Spring…62 years ago

Early Spring in northeastern Connecticut can be a time of the unexpected.  Ice, snow, fog, rain, warm breezes and sunshine mark the changing weather patterns; students are preparing for midterm examinations and anticipating spring break, and sixty-two years ago a new organization began.   On March 25, 1952, the Archons were established as the Senior Honorary Society for Men on the UConn campus.  The creation of the organization is described in the 1952 Nutmeg as “hasty and sensational due to the excitement which witnessed the exile of the Druids as a campus organization”.  The members were active leaders on campus until 1970 when the organization dissolved.  More about the Archons and their predecessors can be found in Mark Roy’s 2005 Piece of UConn History article.

The Archons, 1952

The Archons, 1952

Pictured above are the inaugural members of the Archons.

First row: Robert McLeod, Peter Brodigan, Don Ruck (President).

Second row: Robert Miller, Joseph Tooher and Paul Veillette (Secretary)

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