Anniversary of Colt Armory fire

Colt Armory, Hartford, Connecticut

On February 4, 1864, the East Armory of the famous Colt Patent Fire Arms Company, built in 1855 in Hartford, Connecticut, was completely destroyed in a fire, incurring $2 million in damages. Elizabeth Colt, Samuel Colt’s widow, had insured the factory buildings and the structures were quickly rebuilt, including the distinctive blue onion dome.  Today the armory is part of a National Historic Landmark District.

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  1. The information provided is wrong. The pistol works were totally destroyed and the offices partially destroyed. The foundry and rifle works were largely undamaged. Mrs. Colt was then a minority shareholder and had nothing to do with running the company.

    The offices were quickly rebuilt, but the pistol works were not replaced until 1868. The new building was totally different than that which had been destroyed, although it had the same footprint.

    Richard Jarvis, Mrs. Colt’s brother, was at the time of the fire the company’s chief executive officer. In 1865 he became president, a post he held until 1901.

    You can read the whole thing at

  2. Hello,

    My 3rd great grandfather was the man killed in this fire.
    Edward(Edwin) Keeney Fox.
    We will be visiting on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 and would like to see the building.
    I’m also interested in a possible memorial plaque in his name.
    Please call or email me.

    Thank you!
    Sharon Coble
    Indianapolis, IN

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