Scanning services have been a frequent request from library users and we are happy to announce the arrival of BookScan, a color scanner which is available for self service and which is free.

With BookScan, you can send scanned images to your e-mail address, where they will arrive as attachments, or you can save them at the library on your  flash drive.

BookScan can convert the scanned image to a number of file formats including:   pdf, jpg, and tiff.  It can even translate printed text into Word .doc format so it can be utilized in your word processor*.

And it is VERY easy to use as shown in  this video from the Fairfield Public Library:

Please come by and try BookScan — it’s located just inside our front door.

Bill Uricchio – Library Director

*Note:  As with any text converted from an image file, users will have to examine the results very carefully.  In tests we discovered that BookScan did not covert very large fonts on a chapter title page and instead left blanks.  Also, page “71” at the bottom was converted to “7i” because the original utilized an uppercase “I” instead of a “1”.  Anyone who has used Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software will recognize these as typical conversion issues.  Happily, the remainder of the text on the page was flawless.