A second summer away [70 Years After Nuremberg]

Nuremberg Palace

On 17 August, Tom wrote to his dearest Grace, “The past week has dragged.  I had hoped to close the testimony by today but now it looks like another ten days or two weeks.  But I believe the judgment will come down very quickly.”  He continues to work on his final argument, but “Once I get the argument finished, all else should be easy sailing.” [pp. 346-347]  As if the mention of sailing has called up fond memories, he continues,

The summer is nearly over–a second summer away from you.  How I miuss that time in New England and how I wish I could be there just for this weekend.  I simply refuse to fix my departure day–even for myself.  I cannot tell yet.  It cannot be too long.


Portion of a letter, 8/17/1946

Portion of a letter, 8/17/1946

–Owen Doremus and Betsy Pittman

[Owen Doremus, a junior at Edwin O. Smith High School, is supporting this blog series with research and writing as part of an independent study.]

The majority of the letters from Tom Dodd to his wife Grace have been published and can be found in Letters from Nuremberg, My father’s narrative of a quest for justice. Senator Christopher J. Dodd with Lary Bloom. New York: Crown Publishing, 2007.

Images available in Thomas J. Dodd Papers.

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