New eResources at the Library – Fall 2022

UConn Library has acquired permanent online access to hundreds of scholarly journal archives, 2,000 scholarly books, 1,200 documentary films, and hundreds of thousands of pages of primary sources across a wide range of subjects. Unlimited access is available to all UConn faculty, students, and staff at all campuses and remote locations.  

If you have questions about any of these resources, please contact or your subject specialist. 

Streaming Videos

The Library continues to build a streaming video collection, purchasing collections (when possible) that support the curriculum. Faculty can also request course assigned individual streams, see Requesting Library Electronic Resources – Streaming Videos. The following collections are part of the Library’s permanent collection. 

DocuSeek Complete Collection 
The Library added approximately 600 new releases from DocuSeek through 2023. These new titles enhance the current 2400+ documentary film collection from leading film producers and distributors, including Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films, Good Docs, Women Make Movies, National Film Board of Canada, and independent filmmakers globally, such as the complete filmography of India’s foremost documentarian, Anand Patwardhan. Find titles that cover environmental studies, sociology, anthropology, global studies, area studies, women’s studies, history, political science, health, psychology, and the arts. 

Screenshot from DocuSeek Complete Collection

Film Platform Collection 
This collection includes 2020-2022 releases of Oscar nominated and film festival winning documentaries from international film makers and film distributors. Topics cover environmental science, media studies, women’s studies, and sociology, and include popular titles such as RBG, The Hunting Ground, Dolores, and John Lewis: Good Trouble

Scholarly eBooks

The Library continues to build a responsive ebook collection, by adding scholarly publisher ebook collections that support the curriculum. Faculty can also request individual ebooks, see Requesting Library Electronic Resources – ebooks.  

The Library added 300 scholarly ebooks to our permanent ebook collection by the following publishers*: 

  • Harvard University Press 2022 
  • Iberoamericana Vervuert 2021-2022(in Spanish) 
  • University of Chicago Press 2022 
  • Yale University Press 2022 

The Library also provides temporary access to hundreds ebooks from the following major academic publishers/vendors*. The library will secure permanent access to highly used and faculty requested ebooks from these collections. 

  • JSTOR (all publication dates) 
  • Elsevier frontlist (2018-2021) 
  • Oxford University Press (2015-2023) 
  • ProQuest ebooks (scoped collection) 

*Some publishers hold back certain titles for library purchase, such as textbooks. 

Serial archives and primary sources

The Library regularly adds online journal, magazine and primary source archives to the permanent collection based on curricular need, usage, and available funds. 

Image of 'Contemporary Open Air Museum" article from Art and Architecture Archives
from the Art and Architecture Archives

Art and Architecture Archives 
Includes articles from magazines covering art and architecture published between 1895-2015. 

Artforum Archive 
Includes articles from ArtForum published from 1962-2020. 

Ethnomusicology Global Field Recordings 
Includes audio recordings, film footage, field notebooks, and interviews covering various aspects of music as it relates to culture. 

LGBT Magazine Archive 
Includes articles from journals covering LGBT interests from 1954-2015. 

Le Monde 
Le Monde Archives 12/19/1944 until 12/30/2000 

Selection of cover images found in the LGBT Magazine Archive
From the LGBT Magazine Archive

Elsevier Journal Backfiles – Environmental Sciences/Clinics 
Permanent online access to the full text of Elsevier-published ejournal backfiles in Environmental Sciences and additional Clinics series. 

American Medical Association Journal Backfiles 
Permanent online access to the full text of 11 AMA-published ejournal backfiles from their first volume and issue through 1997, which includes the complete backfiles of JAMA. 

Periodical Archive Online 
Includes articles from periodicals covering the humanities. 

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