Newly Acquired Resources at the UConn Library

The UConn Library recently acquired permanent online access to 7 million scholarly journal articles, 3600 books, and 50 million pages of primary sources in all subjects. Unlimited access and downloads are permitted. Everything is available to all UConn, including Health and Law. 

Scholarly journals 

JSTOR Journals, Collections 12-15

JSTOR Journals, Collections 12-15

Purchase of these four JSTOR Arts & Sciences collections gives UConn a vastly expanded corpus of hundreds of new scholarly ejournals in diverse subjects, mostly starting with volume one and missing only the most recent issues. We gain access on JSTOR to these issues 2-6 years after publication. See JSTOR for title lists.

Sage Journals Deep Backfile

Sage Journals Deep Backfile

Purchase gives us the full corpus of 607 Sage-published ejournals from first volume and issue through 1998. This backfile encompasses all subjects and is especially strong in psychology, education, and the medical and health sciences. Download title list in Excel format.

American Institute of Physics (AIP) Complete Journals Archive

Purchase gives us the full text of 20 physics and related science ejournals from volume 1 to present, 1929-1998. The Archive includes 403,000 articles. See AIP for the title list

Scholarly ebooks 

Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB) Complete Online

164,000 pages of biographical and critical essays on the lives, works, and careers of the world’s most influential authors, filmmakers, and other creatives. Includes the Dictionary of Literary Biography (vols. 1-348), DLB Documentary Series (50 vols.), and DLB Yearbook (23 vols.). 

Elgar Economics Ebooks 2018 & 2019

Over one hundred monographs, handbooks, and research reviews in the field of economics. 

Harvard University Press Ebooks 2000-2015 

More than 800 titles published by Harvard University Press across all subjects. Includes hundreds of titles and course-adopted texts not otherwise available online. 

New Pauly Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

The English edition of the authoritative Der Neue Pauly, a key resource for classical studies. 

Oxford University Press Classical Studies 2010-2015

285 classical studies monographs published by Oxford University Press. 

Springer Computer Science 2015 & 2016 

All Springer computer science ebooks published in 2015 and 2016, including hundreds of monographs, proceedings, and other titles, including Lecture Notes in Computer Science. We now have continuous access to Lecture Notes in Computer Science from 2005 to present. 

Theologische Realenzyklopädie (TRE) Online

This German-language theological encyclopedia comprises 36 volumes and 2500 articles published 1976–2004. Complements Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

Historical newspapers 

African American Historical Newspapers, 1911-2005

Cross-searchable full-text facsimile editions of the Atlanta Daily World‎ (1931-2003), Baltimore Afro-American‎ (1893-1988), Cleveland Call & Post (1934-1991), Chicago Defender (1910-1975), Los Angeles Sentinel (1934-2005), New York Amsterdam News‎ (1922-1993), Norfolk Journal & Guide (1921-2003), Philadelphia Tribune (1912-2001), and Pittsburgh Courier (1911-2002). 

African American Historical Serials, 1829-1922

Full-text facsimile editions of 170 unique titles and 60,000 pages of periodicals, reports, and annuals from African American religious and social service organizations. Title list

American Indian Newspapers, 1828-2016

Cross-searchable full-text facsimile editions of 40 newspapers and magazines from North American indigenous communities, digitized in collaboration with tribal councils. 

The Atlantic Magazine Archive, 1857-2014

Complete, fully searchable, full color facsimile edition of The Atlantic from its first issue in 1857 through 2014. 

The Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2015

Complete, fully searchable, full color facsimile edition of The Economist. Containing every issue since its launch in 1843. 

Fortune Magazine Archive, 1930-2000

Complete, fully searchable, full color facsimile edition of Fortune from its first issue in 1930 through 2000.  

Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2016

Complete, fully searchable, full color facsimile edition of the FT (London edition) from its first issue in 1888 through 2016

The Independent Digital Archive, 1986-2012

Complete, fully searchable, full color facsimile edition of the Independent (London edition) from its first issue in 1986 through 2012. 

Life Magazine Archive, 1936-2000

Complete, fully searchable, full color facsimile edition of Life from its first issue in 1936 through 2000. 

New York Tribune / Herald Tribune Historical Newspaper, 1841-1962

Complete, fully searchable, facsimile edition of this New York City newspaper from its first issue in 1841 through 1962. 

The Sunday Times Historical Archive, 1822-2016

Complete, fully searchable, full color facsimile edition of the Sunday Times from its first issue in 1822 through 2016. 

The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2016

Complete, fully searchable, full color facsimile edition of the Telegraph (both daily and Sunday editions) from its first issue through 2016.

Primary sources 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Papers, 1912-1990

Parts 1 and 2 of the ACLU’s digitized archives, including newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, court files, memorandums, telegrams, minutes, and legal case records. 

American Fiction, 1774-1920

Contains the full text of more than 17,500 works of prose fiction written by Americans from the Revolution through World War I.

Archives of Gender and Sexuality Part 3

Expanding on the LGBTQIA-focused Parts 1 and 2, which were previously purchased by UConn, Part 3 hosts over 1 million pages of classic books and primary sources documenting sex and sexuality from the sixteenth through twentieth centuries. 

Early European Books Collections 1-12

Complete facsimile images of tens of thousands of books and rare incunabula printed across Europe, mostly in non-English languages, from 1450 to 1701. Complements Early English Books Online, which was previously purchased by the UConn Library. 

Making of the Modern World Part 2, 1851-1914

1.2 million pages of primary sources documenting the global shift to modernity. UConn had previously purchased Part 1: The Goldsmiths’-Kress Collection (1450-1850). 

NAACP Papers: The NAACP’s Major Campaigns–Legal Department Files, 1956-1972

Full text of the working case files of the NAACP legal department. Containing over 600 cases from 34 states and the District of Columbia, these files document the NAACP’s campaign to bring about desegregation throughout the United States. Purchase courtesy of UConn Law. 

Slavery & Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive Parts 1-4, 1490-1896

5 million cross-searchable pages sourced globally from books, pamphlets, newspapers, periodicals, legal documents, court records, monographs, manuscripts, and maps. 

State Papers Online Collections I-IX (Complete), 1509-1714

3 million pages of facsimile images of state papers that document early modern British and European history.

Research databases 

Archive Finder

Current directory of 5750 repositories and 206,000 collections of primary source materials housed across the United States and the United Kingdom. 

CAB Abstracts Archive, 1913-1972

1.8 million records on publications in agriculture, veterinary sciences, nutrition, the environment, and applied life sciences. Cross-searchable with UConn Library’s subscription access to CAB Abstracts 1972-present, also through the EBSCO vendor platform. 

Theatre & Drama Premium | Theatre & Drama Premium – Literature Collection

Permanent access to Alexander Street Press multimedia collections Black Drama, BroadwayHD, Contemporary World Drama, Drama Texts (including Asian American Drama), Performance Design Archive, Royal Shakespeare Company, Twentieth Century Drama, Theatre in Context, and Theatre in Performance (including Theatre in Video Parts I and II). Within these collections are 13,500 full-text plays, 150,000 pages of other materials, 300 audio plays from L.A. Theatre Works, and 750 hours of filmed stage performances and documentaries.

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