New Library Search!

Have you heard us mention that we will have a new search feature and wondered what it’s all about? Powered by ExLibris Primo, our search tool allows you to search and retrieve local and remote resources such as books, videos, and journal articles.







What does it mean for you?

The tool combines separate systems into one convenient search box, enabling you to access our books, electronic materials such as ejournals and ebooks, and Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA) materials all in one place. This new system will not only better integrate our resources, but provide results that are returned quickly, in an easy to read format, and in real time. New features include a virtual browsing option that shows you the items next to yours on the shelf as well as information on multiple versions of the same material available.

Library Search via Primo
Library Search via Primo



The system also searches the Primo Central Index. This currently holds over 900 million resources that can be requested through our interlibrary loan system.

Over the next year, our search will also allow us the ability to integrate the resources found at UConn’s School of Law and Health Libraries.

The switch will take place on Monday, July 13 and does not affect the current system for searching databases, interlibrary loan requests, and course reserve requests.

The search feature is one piece of a larger migration of our library management system in the background called Alma. We won’t dive into the details on that but what is important to know about that is that Alma will provide more efficiency for staff behind the scenes since Alma also integrates several legacy systems.

All of this is an effort for the UConn Libraries to make our collections easier for you to find as well as find ways to use our resources more efficiently during difficult financial times. If you have any questions or want to learn more, we suggest starting with our how-to guide. If that doesn’t quite answer your question, please feel free to Ask a Librarian or submit a comment and we will respond.




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