National Pollinator Week 2010

It’s National Pollinator Week 2010! We depend on many species to pollinate our crops so that we have a dependable food resource.  Unfortunately many species of pollinators are at risk including:

I first learned about National Pollinator Week from a USGS news post and found some interesting links.  A few of these include a few podcasts (Bees Are Not OptionalPollinators, Phenology, and Climate Change) that interview scientists who research pollinating species.  One of the most interesting was a link to Butterflies and Moths of North America.  This site has a distribution map that allows you to first find an area of interest, then see lists of species found in that area.  Below is an example of a species that is found in Connecticut.

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For more information on National Pollinator Week 2010 and to see what activities may be happening in your neighborhood please visit

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