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I’d like to introduce the readers of Outside the Neatline to another blog that is really well done in regards to covering climate change/global warming and weather in general. The name of the blog is Dr. Jeff Masters’ Wunderblog and is hosted at the Weather Underground website.  In his June 17, 2010 post, Dr. Jeff Masters reviews the most recent report from the National Climatic Data Center and features the figure below:

Additionaly, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Working Group II has announced the names of the 831 authors of the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5).  This is a first of many steps towards the next large Assessment Report.  In line with the announcement I’ve included some links to presentations given by some of the working groups as they prepare for AR5.  The following presentations were given at the:

United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 15 IPCC Side Event “IPCC Findings and Activities and their Relevance for the UNFCCC Process”Copenhagen, Denmark, 8th December 2009

Climate Change Mitigation: Main Findings of the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) and Relevant Steps for the
      Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)
       – Mr Youba Sokona Co-Chair of WG III

IF you would like more information about climate change in the United States of America, check out the EPA’s Climate Change web page.

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