US Census: Consumer Expenditure Survey

Since 1979, the Census Bureau’s Consumer Expenditure Survey has supplied the nation with household data used to help compute the Consumer Price Index, a key measure of the economy released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In April 2011, the next round of interviews takes place for this quarterly survey. The survey collects information [PDF] on spending for housing, groceries, health care, transportation and other vital goods and services. To see the latest data available and additional details visit:

Household Expenditures for Shelter: 2008-2009

Average Annual Amount Spent on Shelter Percent of Total Expenditures
United States $10,129 20.3%
Northeast $11,984 22.0%

New York

$15,482 25.7%


$13,597 23.9%


$12,857 21.7%

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