Flooding From Irene Devastates Catskills Region

Flooding caused by Irene has been especially devastating to the Catskills Region in upstate New York. For residents of Hunter, Prattsville, Windham and the surrounding area, Irene was cataclysmic. Roads and bridges have been washed out while homes have been completely destroyed.

I have been visiting this area my whole life and I am as heartbroken by the devastation that those in the area must be feeling (visit this page for information on relief efforts) as I am fascinated by the power of nature that has been displayed by the Schoharie Watershed. Below are two pictures: the first is of yours truly on the south bank of the Batavia Kill in Ashland, NY in 2009. The second, taken recently, is of the same area but taken on the north side of the stream (along Route 23). The second picture shows a dramatic rise in water level, even a couple days after the storm with no additional rain.

The Batavia Kill, Ashland, NY (June 2009)

The Batavia Kill, Ashland, NY (A couple days post-Irene, August 2011)

The transportation network in this area was obliterated by the flooding. Pictured below is a map (generated with ESRI products) showing impassable bridges, washed out roads in addition to shelters.

Lastly, below is a video that shows some of the damage in the towns across the region.

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