UConn CLEAR Fall Geospatial Training Course Schedule

Are you interested in learning more about GIS, map mash-ups and other geospatial technologies? If so then be sure to check out UConn CLEAR’s Fall Geospatial Training Schedule All trainings are taught at the Middlesex County Extension Center in Haddam, CT and additional details are available at CLEAR’s training website at http://clear.uconn.edu/geospatial.
UConn CLEAR Fall Geospatial Training Courses:
Mashup Madness: Using Google Tools to Create Maps on the Web:  September 22, 2011
This one-day training covers the basics of Google Maps and Google Earth. Topics covered include methods for creating customized maps using Google My Maps, Google Earth, KML and Google Fusion Tables. Participants will also learn methods for collaborative mapping and techniques for embedding interactive maps on a website. No prior GIS experience is necessary.
Geospatial Technologies at Work: An Introduction to GIS: October 18-20, 2011 (almost full!) and January 18-20, 2012
A three-day intensive training covering introductory topics for desktop GIS. Teaching software is ArcGIS10. Topics covered include: data management strategies, connecting to geospatial data over the internet, working with geodatabases, understanding tabular data, symbolizing and classifying data, creating maps for printing and production, performing spatial data queries, and basic editing techniques. No prior GIS experience is necessary.
Pictures, Points and Places: An Introduction to GPS: October 27-28, 2011
This two-day training covers the basics of GPS technology. Participants will learn how to use handheld GPS receivers in the field to collect geospatial data and georeferenced photographs. The training also covers methods for integrating GPS data and geolocated photographs into a GIS (MapWindow) and Google Earth. No prior GIS experience is necessary.
Creating and Using Geospatial Models: Introduction to ModelBuilder for ArcGIS10:  November 7
This one-day course introducing ArcGIS users to the capabilities ModelBuilder in ArcGIS10. This course is designed to explore how ModelBuilder works and how models can be created, edited and used to automate repetitive tasks or run complex analyses. This is an introductory course but some familiarity with desktop GIS is recommended.
Developing Custom Geoprocessing Tools: An Introduction to Python Scripting:  November 21-22, 2011
This two-day course introduces ArcGIS users to the capabilities and benefits of using Python scripts to automate GIS tasks in ArcGIS10. The course will provide students with a basic scripting foundation and the resources necessary to develop proficiency with automating geoprocessing tasks with Python scripts. No prior scripting experience is necessary, however it is not intended for students with limited or no background in desktop GIS.  
Learn more about these course offerings and download registration information on the CLEAR training page: http://clear.uconn.edu/geospatial/training.htm
Also, check out UConn CLEAR’s free webinars:
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Introduction to Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology & Smartphone Mapping “Apps 
View these and other CLEAR webinars here: http://clear.uconn.edu/webinars/CLEARseries/

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