Modeling the Elevation of Martha’s Vineyard in ArcGIS

This year, my graduate research in the UConn Department of Geography has focused on the vulnerability of Martha’s Vineyard to climate-related hazards like sea level rise and hurricanes. Using ArcGIS’ 3D Analyst, I have created a triangulated irregular network (TIN) to visualize elevation, which you can see above. I generated this model from contour lines (3 meter intervals), which I downloaded from MassGIS. Those of you familiar with the island will notice that this data, from 2005, does not show the breach of Norton Point Beach, which occurred most recently in 2007. For climate related happenings in the Cape Cod and Islands region, check out Climatide- a blog from the Cape and Islands NPR station (WCAI) and authored by Dr. Heather Goldstone.

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