Redesigned website now available

Do you use the U.S. Census website and have had difficulties locating data and resources? If so then be sure to check out the newly redesigned website which has greatly improved access to data, maps, and statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau! 
As the first step to making Census content more accessible, useful, and interesting for our users today the U.S. Census Bureau has redesigned  The goal of this redesign is to make it easier for users to find information and to increase public awareness of how the Census measures people, places, and the economy.
Here are some of the new features and tools users will experience:
  • A prominent dashboard showing off the Census Bureau’s economic indicators
  • A top dropdown menu for quick navigation to key topics
  • A new interactive map showing a mash up of economic and demographic statistics
  • A “Stat of the Day” highlighting Census Bureau statistics across all the data we collect
  • A mega footer with links categorized under familiar topics and highly trafficked pages
  • A feature for users to provide feedback

As the U.S. Census Bureau continues to transform, the public will gain greater accessibility to U.S. Census Bureau statistics through both their desktops and mobile devices. Users will see additional improvements in search, topic-based navigation, visualizations and digital content. 

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