MAGIC WMS Server Migration and Upcoming Changes

WMS LayersThe Web Mapping Server (WMS) and MAGIC 2.0 Online Maps server has provided us with 5 years of reliable service but the time has come to migrate to a new server environment which enables more capabilities in support of digital scholarship and spatial analysis. While we have been planning to migrate from this server, recent developments and stability issues are requiring us to expedite this move with the new WMS and maps interfaces being available to the public by September 1, 2013 and the former server will no longer be available as of September 1, 2013.

Over the next two weeks, MAGIC will be migrating all of our WMS layers to GeoServer, an open source WMS server which offers additional capabilities versus our current server. During this migration process each of the interactive map mash-ups provided by MAGIC will be updated to incorporate layers from our new GeoServer. We will also be replacing the MAGIC 2.0 Online Maps with interactive maps which will offer additional capabilities while providing the core functionality of the current MAGIC 2.0 Online Maps interface.

We will post updates, new links, and more details about this migration to our blog, Outside the Neatline, so stay tuned for more details.

We want to thank all of the staff at Progeos for their help with this migration and for hosting and supporting the MAGIC WMS Server these past 5 years and the UConn Libraries IT staff for configuring our new WMS Server and mapping platform.

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