5 Tips for better searching on ScienceDirect

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Here are our top tips for a better search query on ScienceDirect:

  • Search terms are not case-sensitive. Using all lowercase, all uppercase or a mix of capital and lowercase letters will not affect your query.
  • Entering a singular noun will also search for plural noun forms and possessives.
    For example: 

    • Method also finds methods and method’s
    • Criterion also finds criteria
  • Entering search terms using either US or UK spellings will automatically search for both spelling variations.
    For example:

    • Behavior also finds behaviour
  • Multiple words set off by spaces will search for documents or images that include both words.
  • You can use either quotation marks or curly brackets to search for a word or phrase, but the results will differ in these ways:
    • Searches in quotation marks, such as “colour code,” will be fuzzy searches. Our search engine will search for singular and plural nouns, as well as US and UK spellings, and will allow wildcards and ignore symbols and punctuation.
    • Searches in curly brackets, such as {colour code}, will be exact searches. Our search engine will look only for that exact phrase, including symbols and punctuation.ScienceDirect available at the UConn Library

ReferenceUSA subscription available to CT residents

The Connecticut  State Library’s subscription to ReferenceUSA is now available to any resident of Connecticut with a State Library card. 

ReferenceUSA: provides directory information for US businesses in all zip code areas and has really good coverage of small private, local companies. A mapping feature allows one to identify businesses within a certain radius by SIC and NAICS codes.

ReferenceUSA can be accessed at: http://www.cslib.org/eresourceshome.htm#R

Residents can apply for a State Library card in person or by mail using the procedure described here:  http://www.cslib.org/borrow.htm#Librarycard

Questions can be directed to the State Library at:  http://www.cslib.org/asklib.htm

Have you tried UConn Worldcat yet?

It’s the closest thing we have to Google….for more information click.

UConn WorldCat  is available directly from the Libraries’ Home Page.  Use the  single search window to find  books, articles, DVDs, and more from UConn and libraries worldwide!  For items that are not in Stamford, there is a link to request through Interlibrary Loan.  To learn more, please stop by the library or contact us.

Uploading Word 2007 docs in HuskyCT

Attention Faculty & Students,

All Microsoft office 2007 programs save files in an xml format; making it difficult to share them through HuskyCT. Students uploading assignments should save then in the 1997-2003 format.

1. o7 XLM files can be saved in the 97-03 “compatibility format” by clicking on the Office button

2. Save as > 97 -2003 format

3.To make the change permanent for every time youi save a file; you can change the default. Click on “options.”

4. Save under the 1997-2003 compatibility format. Click OK

message from the Learning Resource Center < lrc.uconn.edu>

Uploading Word 2007 docs in HuskyCT (.pdf)

How to Renew Books

MyHOMER displays the list of books you have charged out, and when they’re due back at the library. When you need to RENEW (all UCONN books can be renewed) a book you have out all you need to do is this:

  • Go to the HOMER, Library Catalog,
  • Click on the “MyHOMER” tab MyHomer
  • Log-in using your University ID (SSN#) and last name
  • Check off the books you want renewed
  • Click on the ‘Renew Items’ button
  • View the screencast

Stop by the library or call 251-9599 for assistance.

Find Reference Books Online at UConn

A web site has been developed by librarians at the Homer Babbidge Library in Storrs to make it easy to find electronic reference books that have been purchased by UConn. Reference Books Online allows you to browse titles or subject to find a wealth of information traditionally found on library reference shelves. Many of these electronic books are only available to UConn students, faculty, & staff. If you have a valid NetID but are off-campus, please log into the Libraries’ VPN before accessing this page.

Reference books online. Check it out!