Art and Activism in the Humanities


“Trade Offs: The Reality of Working Women” by Adrienne Gutierrez, Jacqueline Pagano, Heather Norris, Emily Powers, and Ami Vasquez.

“Art and Activism in the Humanities” is student work as part of our collaboration this semester with the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program series “Feminism/s and Future/s.” These works are from students in several classes in WGSS where they were asked to consider the meanings of feminism in the future and the kinds of future they envision. Using the lens of “Art and Activism in the Humanities” to identify, interrogate, and express their thoughts on everything from marginalized bodies and household economics to sexualization in the media and changing gender expectations around the world, these students produced a close examination of utopias, dystopias, US and global movements for social justice, and the many ways in which the personal is political.


#nofilter by Ryann Leonard, Deysha Smith-Jenkins, Sierra Cameron, Megan Reese, and Lydia Snapper (tip) and “Future Feminist Collective” by Nina Klein, Montana Fleming, Victor Vernon, Blazej Pulawski, and Chris LaTorra (bottom)

The exhibit is located on the Northwest side of Level 1 for the next few weeks. The public is invited to a reception on Monday night from 5-6:30 where you will have the opportunity to talk to the students as well as join in some gender-neutral swing dance lessons.


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