BrowZine Cancellation

The Libraries recently decided to discontinue offering users the ability to access our full-text journals via the mobile app BrowZine, which was being piloted this past year. While the BrowZine app is free to users, the library incurs a cost in making our content available and the low usage statistics gathered does not justify that cost.

It is always a difficult decision to limit access to our resources. As stewards of our collections, it is important to ensure that we are providing the right balance of scholarly resources available to faculty, staff and students. As we continue to face difficult financial times, we are steadfast in our commitment to consider cost vs. use for all the services we offer. In this case, we believe based on relatively low usage statistics it is more important to keep access to the full-text resources, rather than supporting this additional form of access.

Please note that UConn’s journals will no longer be accessible via BrowZine as of June 30, 2015.  Users will continue to be able to access full-text resources through our website. If you use BrowZine to read open access journal articles, that will still be available to you.

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