Faculty, New Reserve Requests now made from within HuskyCT

The UConn Library switched to a new software provider to support our course reserve function. You need to do these three things to get started with the new system.

1.Request your HuskyCT course in PeopleSoft if you have not already done so.

2.Once your HuskyCT course is available to you, you must add the new Library Resources content link. If the old Library Resources Tool is present we suggest you rename it Library Resources – old prior to adding the new link.

3.Submit any new reserve requests for books and media, chapter and journal articles, etc. from within HuskyCT via the Add Reserve items link in the new Library Resources.

For more information and short videos and PowerPoints showing you how to use the new system go to this website:


For a period of about two weeks after 7/26/11, you will also see the old link to the Library Resources Tool. During this transition period summer session students will be able to access your library materials from both the new Library Resources content link and the old Library Resources Tool unless you choose to hide the old link.

The new software has several advantages for you over the old:

1.You can set start and end dates for when you want each item to be available to students.

2.You can tag items of special interest, e.g. all the readings that will be on Exam 1 can be tagged, “Exam 1” and your students will be able to sort by those tags. They will also be able to add their own personal tags.

3.You don’t have to go to a separate website to submit reserve requests, the request forms are embedded within the new Library Resources link in HuskyCT.

4.You can see the status of all items you have requested the library to provide from the time you submit your request until they are available to your students.

5.You can see your past reserve lists and copy items you used in past semesters to courses in current semesters, individually or en masse.

6.You can submit requests via WorldCat and it will complete the reserve request forms for you. No more retyping bibiliographic information for catalogued items.

7.You can see how many times each reserve item was accessed and which student accessed it.

8.Your students can choose to receive emails when new items are added to your reserve list.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Jo Ann Reynolds or your campus reserve staff if you have questions about the new system.